The Road to UFC - Making Your Way to The Top

MMA is the fastest growing sports and we can expect some great fighters from India. Every MMA fan dreams of being a UFC fighter, and a lot of guys who has good genes as well as those athletes who are already in the field of boxing, wrestling, karate, etc. wants to make Pro fighting their passion and source of income, and UFC is the highest level and gives out the highest paycheck, which varies from 10000 to half a million US Dollars. Therefore, dear readers, this blog is for those who want to reach UFC or just wish to know the way.

In such a global economy condition, where doing an MBA course worth 30-40 lakhs in India doesn’t necessarily ensure a high paying job, a professional MMA fighter in India wins an average of Rs. 40k-50k every month if they reach SFL, Brave, etc. Learning how to fight doesn’t cost much, compared to expensive IT, management & marketing courses and diplomas.

Level 1

The guy or girl has to learn and train at any local gym or dojo and find out his or her optimum weight category.
You will achieve your White belt here.

Level 2

Compete in the State level grappling, wrestling, BJJ, Muay Thai, kickboxing, etc. championship. Keep competing till he or she secures gold, silver or bronze in one form of grappling and one form of striking, for example, State GFI, and State Kickboxing held at Jadavpur University (in West Bengal), etc. Fighters of other states should look for similar regional promotions.
Now you’re a Yellow belt.

Level 3

Participate in local MMA talent hunts and Amateur MMA championships, some of which are free, for example, Ground 2 Muscles Underground Monthly Fight Night (fighters of other states can participate as well) or Amateur MMA Championship, like Open Asia, etc. Fighters of other states should look for similar regional promotions.
Green belt achieved.

Level 4

Once you start winning and understanding where your MMA level is, try to compete in professional platforms that can highlight your career, for example, BOOM MMA IPFL, etc. where a UFC Veteran fighter signed Certificates.
Blue belt is done.

Level 5

Once you start winning in those promotions and go up in the ranks, try to win the Title Belt in that particular category which can almost ensure your nomination in bigger promotions like SFL, Brave, SLFC, etc. where, for example, Ateet Kelvin Gupta, Syed Imran, Indrajit Malakar.
Purple Belt! Great Job!

Level 6

If you can make your name in those promotions, then surely you move up and reach a bigger promotion, and just second to UFC, like OneFC, Bellator, etc.
You’re a brown belt now.

Level 7

This is where you have reached UFC if you have done well in the above promotions, as fighters are usually exchanged between these promotions, for example, Hector Lombard, Jorge Masvidal, Demetrious Johnson, etc.
Congratulations, you’re a Black Belt or so to speak.



Note that each stage has a legit relationship with the preceding stage.
Train in those dojos from where at least one fighter has reached till 4 or 5, that is a blue or purple belt.
Being a black belt, any of the sports don’t guarantee success in your journey unless it takes you to the next level as mentioned. As you must be knowing already, there are millions of black belts in India alone who have never received or won a single penny in competitions, and never will.
Don’t waste your time fighting for useless promotions and wasting your money on registrations at those events that do not lead you to the road to UFC.