UFC-Style MMA Fights In The Heart of Kolkata

BOOM MMA Indian Premier Fighting League is a one-of-a-kind event hosted for all the fans and supporters of Mixed Martial Arts in Kolkata and Eastern India. What makes this event so special is that fighters from all over the world face each other head to head for the prestigious BOOM IPFL Champion of the World title. This is one of the most exciting opportunities for MMA enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the love and passion for Mixed Martial Arts in unison – a single event where fighters bust their knuckles and go blow-for-blow for victory, honor, and glory!

Participants & Teams

BOOM MMA IPFL witnesses the very best of MMA fighters from India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, etc. enter the hexagon cage and test their individual fighting skills against an opponent in the same weight category. Competing in the battle are the Bengal MMA Tigers, Mumbai Supremos, Manipur Top Team, Patna MMA Titans, Bhubaneswar Panthers, Assam Warriors, Sikkim Vanquishers, and Pune MMA Dragons.

Professional MMA Fight Nights and League Fights

A minimum of 4-5 events is featured in the BOOM MMA Indian Premier Fighting League. Every game takes place for either one day (Fight Nights) or two (Pro League Fights) days. The first day is reserved for amateur bouts, and the second and final day is the epic showdown of top professional MMA warriors. The champion of each event is crowned with the winning title. Five champions for five events. Not only this, the winner gets prize money of ₹1,00,000 based on their performance in the event.