If you have always had a passion for Mixed Martial Arts, the BOOM MMA Indian Premier Fighting League is the place for you. It is a one stop destination and an exciting opportunity for fans and followers to come together and enjoy the fight of the century! It is an event where fighters from not just India but also different parts of the world come together to compete at the quarter-finals, semi-final, and finals all in one event.
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Bengal MMA Tigers:

With many State level Championship in the bag, they are ready to conquer more.

Mumbai Supremos:

 This team of super-strong players will give their all to win this league.

Manipur Top Team:

Hailing from the North East, they will give exactly what you crave in a fight.

Patna MMA Titans:

This team shows that resilience and the will to stand tall beats them all.

Bhubaneswar Panthers:

With nothing to fear and everything to give, they really are here to win.

Assam Warriors:

With the skills of a fighter like them, it is hard to not keep winning.

Sikkim Vanquishers:

With immense versatility in the fight, they genuinely are a crowd-pleaser.

Pune MMA Dragons:

With determination and ferociousness, there’s nothing keeping them away from a victory.